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If you have previously created an account with us then please submit the email that is used with your current account when signing up to be a reseller. This will help us reference your account detail to the correct account.
If you do not have an account with us please create one with the same email you submit to us in this form here when you complete this form.
Wholesale Account

For businesses with physical store front locations and inventory, the Water Blaster Wholesale Account provides our best pricing. We understand the expense of inventory and other overhead costs, and our margins and wholesale support prove it.

Water Blaster wholesale accounts pertain only to businesses that carry inventory in-store or in-warehouse. We recognize the expense of that inventory and so offer our best pricing structures to these businesses. That’s really saying something, because our water cannons are the best on the market, Made in the USA, with an industry leading Lifetime Guarantee.

To qualify for a Water Blaster wholesale account, a business must have a physical address and carry inventory. It is okay if the wholesale business also generates sales online. However, the core of their business must be in-store, with physical inventory present (you may want to see dropship accounts for more information about Internet-based business accounts).

Dropship Account

Water Blaster Inc. is not accepting new Dropship Accounts at this time.